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Sunday Gathering at the Camp

posted Oct 4, 2009, 5:40 PM by Greg Miller   [ updated Oct 5, 2009, 3:00 AM ]
There are 140-some people here this week. Last year there was closer to 100, so the place is really full. Got to spend some time with our crew leader "John". He's from Denver, and spends every October here camping with his wife and is a Cummins retiree who knows lots and lots about the B series engines. God is soooo good!
We had our opening service tonight with Dennis (the work camp director) leading. Bob (another work camp crew leader) gave a great message about how we are called by name to this place and this time for God's work. And while we are here physically to help the community with our hammers and saws and paint brushes, we are much more than that - we are bringing God's heart and love to the community
Tomorrow morning (Monday), we will have devotion and cleanup duty (are these two somehow related?), working with another group from Indiana.Then we'll be on our way to our first day of work.
Here's the team!

We're transfering all the clothes you sent into Jack's trailer. Then we took everything down to the Community Store warehouse - WE FILLED FOUR PALLETS with all the clothing you donated.

We're standing by the row of painted stones, memories left behind by past work campers. This year we'll place two stones ourselves.
One for last year's trip...
...and one for this year. Note the Buckeye shape!
Basketball court right behind our camper. I can here the kids out there on the court as I type this. Beautiful truck in the parking lot across the street.
Our neighbors. At least THEY won't make much noise and keep us up late at night! That's Ray and Ila's camper on the other side of the bury patch.
The Work Camp fire ring. Its not even suppertime yet and its already seen its first tinder.
More dorms across the street, just past the fire ring. Flek and Jack are staying up the hill a ways in the "Martin" cabin.
Singalong/worship/orientation meeting Sunday evening. Yes, we're sitting in the last row!
Larry, Carolyn, and Vicky.
Brenda, Myron, Ila, Ray, Flek, and Jack, all singing their hearts out (??).