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Tuesday and the Rain

posted Oct 6, 2009, 6:45 PM by Greg Miller   [ updated Oct 7, 2009, 3:49 AM ]
Monday started out rainy and the skies turned beautiful blue by the time we got to our worksite. On Tuesday, the opposite happened. Carolyn worked in the community store today (we'll get her pictures posted later.) Larry, Ray, Ila, Myron, Brenda, Flek, and Vicky went back to Russel's house to install the linoleum. Jack and Greg went back to Jackson's to replace his camper toilet with a real flusher. We all got done with our jobs early and made it back to the camp by about 3:00. Some of us then went into town (a two-hour round trip!) for some various supplies. After supper, we had ice cream at the Fire Department. Tonight's program include Craig Dial (Red Bird's Director of Economic Development) on dulcimer, and George Cherry with a presentation of the multiple mission efforts at Red Bird.
Vicky found a longer broom! Here she's making her final rounds before the linoleum glue goes down.
Ray and Flek get about as much glue on themselves as they get on the floor. I hope they aren't gluing themselves into a corner!
Myron and Larry are ready to push the first half into place.
Vicky runs the roller. Don't get in her way!
Ila make sure that it looks good.
The floor crew on the porch with Russel and his son. Clockwise:
Ila, Ray, Myron, Flek, Larry, Russel, Russel's son, Brenda, Vicky.
Front view of Russel's home. The pile of debris in the front used to be the old floor that we just replaced. Yup - its raining now.
This is the driveway from Russel's front porch. It is REALLY steep and quite a challenge for us yankees to climb with our trucks AND feet.
The new toilet in Jackson's house, installed today.
Patching the roof on Jackson's home. We used a whole bucket of tar to reseal all the seams and around the vents.
Here's a view of Jackson's home from the road. Modest home for a genteel man with a great big heart.
The local volunteer fire station is on the Red Bird Mission property. Two times per week they sell ice cream ($1/scoop) as a fundraiser. There's always a really long line. The fire station is right at the entrance to the work camp. You can see the mini-campground in the distance to the right.The dorms are up the hill straight behind the trees.
Craig Dial on the dulcimer. Good music and a good message.