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Friday - More Roofing, Cleaning, and New Shutters

posted Oct 9, 2009, 3:25 PM by Greg Miller
We bounced all over the place today. First Jack and Flek fixed a leak in one of the dorms. Then we all went back to the house we roofed yesterday to install end caps and rework the roof vent just a bit. After lunch, we split up. Some of us went to clean a recently-vacated apartment across the street from the school and the rest replaced a couple shutters on the upper room of the Cardinal House. 

Later this evening we're having our closing service. We've already been talking about the trip home tomorrow - starting to pack up and make exit plans. We're all kinda anxious to get back home, but its a bittersweet feeling. We've had a great time this whole week working together and getting to know each other better. The folks that run the camp are wonderful, passionate people. The other work campers are just like us - from Indiana, Delaware, Tennessee (LOTS from Tennessee) and Ohio. Leaving Red Bird is like going home after a week at summer camp.

John (far right) is our crew leader and a Cummins retiree. So we started the day with a little diesel lesson. Did you know that the turbo in the 2003 Dodge Cummins starts to melt when the EGT reaches 1375 degrees? And did you know that when Cummins first designed the engine thats in Greg's truck and Jack's truck (the "6B"), they projected yearly sales of about 5000 units? Millions of Dodge trucks later...

OK - sorry to bore you.

Jack (top) and Flek (bottom) climb atop one of the Red Bird dorms to patch a leak with some tar.

Myron (hidden), Flek, and Ray installing the end cap on the house we roofed yesterday.

Myron, Jack and Greg working on the end cap on the OTHER end of the house. We had to use the screws with the heads on the opposite end for this side (an inside yoke).

Jack and Myron adjusting the roof vent. The roof was still wet from intermittent rain this morning, so the only way to cross the roof was on the ridge. Brenda couldn't watch. Note to Jan: both came down safely.

Now we're on the topside of the Cardinal House, where Flek, Larry, and Ray rebuild a couple shutters. 

Ray and Larry hinging the new shutter. You can see here the condition of the old ones on either side of the new one. They are in pretty bad shape.

In the center is Dennis, our Work Camp Director. He seemed to be everywhere during the week, always ready with a joke, smile, and encouragement.

This is inside the worship room at the Cardinal House. 

Now to our afternoon cleaning assignment. Apparently the folks left in a big hurry, leaving food on the table (now rancid and full of gnats), and dishes in the sink. Our job was to get the one-bedroom apartment cleaned up enough so that another team could come in next week and paint.

Ila and Vicky cleaning up the place. Jack and I bagged and boxed personal belongings for storage and cleaned up the trash.