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First Work Day

posted Oct 5, 2009, 6:43 PM by Greg Miller
After a great breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits (and cleanup afterwards), we head south with our crew leader. Our first stop is at Jackson's home. He lives alone in a small trailer that is showing some signs of wear. Our task today is to install a new hot water heater. Jack and Greg take this job and the rest of the crew head further out to put a new floor in the home of Russel and his son.

After supper, we visited the craft store where we all bought new T-shirts.


Scraping and doing the dishes. We swept the dining hall, also. Everybody takes a turn.

Hot coffee is always available 24x7. Notice the resourceful way of catching spilled coffee.

Jack rerouting the hot water line at Jackson's home, in preparation for the new hot water heater installation.

Whoops - almost forgot. Jackson's front door needed new glass. So we took out the window frame, put a temporary piece of fiberglass in its place, and will return with the fixed window tomorrow.

After just an hour or so, Jack and Greg had the new water heater installed, plugged in, and working. And no leaks the first time!

Bye, Jackson. See you tomorrow!

Now on to Russel's home, where some of the floorboard was rotten and needed to be pulled out.

Many hands make light work - even demolition.

Putting in the new floor joists.

Vicky's broom was a little short!

Jack and our crew leader John admire the new floor. Tomorrow we'll put down the new linoleum.

Ray and Brenda help Myron pick off the beggar ticks.