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Red Bird Mission

Red Bird Mission Cardinal Singers

posted Mar 23, 2016, 6:05 AM by Doris Brown   [ updated Mar 23, 2016, 6:08 AM ]

Red Bird Mission Cardinal Singers

Special Event
April 20, 2016 - 6:30pm
Otterbein Church will be hosting the Cardinal High School Singers
from Red Bird Mission. They will present a concert at 6:30pm with a 
fellowship time to follow. A freewill offering will be received.

We will be providing overnight
housing for them.

This event is open to the public.  Everyone is invited.

Heading Home

posted Oct 10, 2009, 6:30 AM by Greg Miller

Last night's closing service included lots of folks sharing their week's experiences, singing, and communion. We took one last group picture in our new T-shirts. 

After the service, we packed up Myron and Brenda and they headed north. Jack and Flek left at 6 this morning. Larry, Carolyn, Ray, and Ila all pulled out a few minutes ago. It's getting very quiet around here! We'll be pulling out in a half hour or so.

Thanks again, everyone, for sharing this adventure with us. Thanks for your prayer and monetary support. We've seen Jesus this week in so many faces and places. 

Friday - More Roofing, Cleaning, and New Shutters

posted Oct 9, 2009, 3:25 PM by Greg Miller

We bounced all over the place today. First Jack and Flek fixed a leak in one of the dorms. Then we all went back to the house we roofed yesterday to install end caps and rework the roof vent just a bit. After lunch, we split up. Some of us went to clean a recently-vacated apartment across the street from the school and the rest replaced a couple shutters on the upper room of the Cardinal House. 

Later this evening we're having our closing service. We've already been talking about the trip home tomorrow - starting to pack up and make exit plans. We're all kinda anxious to get back home, but its a bittersweet feeling. We've had a great time this whole week working together and getting to know each other better. The folks that run the camp are wonderful, passionate people. The other work campers are just like us - from Indiana, Delaware, Tennessee (LOTS from Tennessee) and Ohio. Leaving Red Bird is like going home after a week at summer camp.

John (far right) is our crew leader and a Cummins retiree. So we started the day with a little diesel lesson. Did you know that the turbo in the 2003 Dodge Cummins starts to melt when the EGT reaches 1375 degrees? And did you know that when Cummins first designed the engine thats in Greg's truck and Jack's truck (the "6B"), they projected yearly sales of about 5000 units? Millions of Dodge trucks later...

OK - sorry to bore you.

Jack (top) and Flek (bottom) climb atop one of the Red Bird dorms to patch a leak with some tar.

Myron (hidden), Flek, and Ray installing the end cap on the house we roofed yesterday.

Myron, Jack and Greg working on the end cap on the OTHER end of the house. We had to use the screws with the heads on the opposite end for this side (an inside yoke).

Jack and Myron adjusting the roof vent. The roof was still wet from intermittent rain this morning, so the only way to cross the roof was on the ridge. Brenda couldn't watch. Note to Jan: both came down safely.

Now we're on the topside of the Cardinal House, where Flek, Larry, and Ray rebuild a couple shutters. 

Ray and Larry hinging the new shutter. You can see here the condition of the old ones on either side of the new one. They are in pretty bad shape.

In the center is Dennis, our Work Camp Director. He seemed to be everywhere during the week, always ready with a joke, smile, and encouragement.

This is inside the worship room at the Cardinal House. 

Now to our afternoon cleaning assignment. Apparently the folks left in a big hurry, leaving food on the table (now rancid and full of gnats), and dishes in the sink. Our job was to get the one-bedroom apartment cleaned up enough so that another team could come in next week and paint.

Ila and Vicky cleaning up the place. Jack and I bagged and boxed personal belongings for storage and cleaned up the trash.

Talent Night

posted Oct 8, 2009, 7:23 PM by Greg Miller

This evening was "Talent Night" at Red Bird Work Camp. We heard from a Norwegian bachelor farmer from Minnesota (any Prairie Home Companion fans out there?), the Rindercella story, one surprise birthday celebration, several singing performances, and a special treat from local gospel musician. A really good time!

I heard from one of the regular volunteer team leads that tonight's talent show was one of the best he's seen in a long time. We have to agree.

Working at the Community Store

posted Oct 8, 2009, 7:14 PM by Greg Miller

Carolyn spent her time this week doing some "behind the scenes" work at the Community Store. Tons and tons of donated goods come to the store annually, and each piece must be evaluated, cleaned, priced, and put on the racks. This takes many hours of work and offers another opportunity for Work Camp volunteers.

Carolyn "defuzzes" a sweater. She became quite an expert at defuzzing this week.

Separating pricing labels.

Gotta for lunch in the rain. Notice the exquisite homemade rainbonnet.

Clipping all those labels we send in. We don't know these folks, but I'm sure they are having fun, too.

This hangs in the lunchroom. Pretty much sums up the Work Camp process.

Thursday - Windows and Roof

posted Oct 8, 2009, 1:20 PM by Greg Miller   [ updated Oct 8, 2009, 7:32 PM ]

Today we split up again. Flek, Jack, and Larry took off to replace Jackson's front door window and then replaced a couple double-hungs at Russell's (sorry, no pictures from that part of the project). The rest of us finished a steel roof on one of the staff homes here at the main camp. Carolyn has found her niche as a de-fuzzer at the Community Store. You'll have to ask her what THAT means haha. So far this week, today required more energy than the other two put together. I'm beat.

Later tonight we get another fire department ice cream cone, then gather back upstairs for the work camp talent (?!) show.

Since we were working in the camp, transportation was a bit more relaxed.

We're putting new steel roofing on this duplex on the Red Bird Queendale campus. Part of the front of the house already started. Here's Myron and Greg putting down the first couple sheets while Ray poses for the camera.

Pulling the next sheet up. We had some extra help on this project from some folks from Fairfield Glade, TN.

All done! Looks great!

Wed Day Off - Cumberland Gap

posted Oct 7, 2009, 7:11 PM by Greg Miller   [ updated Oct 7, 2009, 7:52 PM ]

Did you know that Daniel Boone's most famous contribution was his finding and mapping a way to get through the Appalachain mountains, opening the way for 300,000 people to settle the west (Ohio included)? The Cumberland Gap National Park exists to celebrate this monumental accomplishment.
Today Flek, Jack, Vicky, and Greg visited the park to learn what we can about the Cumberland Gap. After watching a couple videos, we enjoyed the museum and Appalacian craft store. Then we toured the Hensley Settlement.
Turns out that these two guys - Hensley and Gibbons - lived a dream where they took their families to a bald knob near the Cumberland Gap in 1903 to live totally off the grid. They built homes, raised crops and livestock, and only came down off the mountain to go to the city on "trading day". At their peak, there were over 100 people on top of the mountain. There was a K-8 school on the farm with 39 children. Slowly the family died off and moved off the mountain, with Mr. Hensley finally leaving in 1951. Very interesting story. Here's what we saw.
We just got out of an E-ticket 4x4 van ride straight up the side of the mountain to the Hensley Settlement. (Flek took the picture.)
Our tour guide Butch Davis is telling Jack about the local vegetation.
This is really a beautiful place, Here's where entered one end of the farm. We will see all the homes, barns, corn cribs, chicken coops, etc. in the next two and a half hours.
Speaking of chicken coops, Flek couldn't resist looking inside this one. Check out the cool wooden hinge on the door.
Hog finishing barn.
We're sitting in the schoolhouse hearing about the many school teachers that served at Hensley Settlement.
After touring Hensley Settlement, we visited Pinnacle Overlook, where you can see Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee all at the same time.
HERE IT IS! This is the famous Cumberland Gap!
Here we are, dreaming of our dinner just 10 minutes up the road!

Tuesday and the Rain

posted Oct 6, 2009, 6:45 PM by Greg Miller   [ updated Oct 7, 2009, 3:49 AM ]

Monday started out rainy and the skies turned beautiful blue by the time we got to our worksite. On Tuesday, the opposite happened. Carolyn worked in the community store today (we'll get her pictures posted later.) Larry, Ray, Ila, Myron, Brenda, Flek, and Vicky went back to Russel's house to install the linoleum. Jack and Greg went back to Jackson's to replace his camper toilet with a real flusher. We all got done with our jobs early and made it back to the camp by about 3:00. Some of us then went into town (a two-hour round trip!) for some various supplies. After supper, we had ice cream at the Fire Department. Tonight's program include Craig Dial (Red Bird's Director of Economic Development) on dulcimer, and George Cherry with a presentation of the multiple mission efforts at Red Bird.
Vicky found a longer broom! Here she's making her final rounds before the linoleum glue goes down.
Ray and Flek get about as much glue on themselves as they get on the floor. I hope they aren't gluing themselves into a corner!
Myron and Larry are ready to push the first half into place.
Vicky runs the roller. Don't get in her way!
Ila make sure that it looks good.
The floor crew on the porch with Russel and his son. Clockwise:
Ila, Ray, Myron, Flek, Larry, Russel, Russel's son, Brenda, Vicky.
Front view of Russel's home. The pile of debris in the front used to be the old floor that we just replaced. Yup - its raining now.
This is the driveway from Russel's front porch. It is REALLY steep and quite a challenge for us yankees to climb with our trucks AND feet.
The new toilet in Jackson's house, installed today.
Patching the roof on Jackson's home. We used a whole bucket of tar to reseal all the seams and around the vents.
Here's a view of Jackson's home from the road. Modest home for a genteel man with a great big heart.
The local volunteer fire station is on the Red Bird Mission property. Two times per week they sell ice cream ($1/scoop) as a fundraiser. There's always a really long line. The fire station is right at the entrance to the work camp. You can see the mini-campground in the distance to the right.The dorms are up the hill straight behind the trees.
Craig Dial on the dulcimer. Good music and a good message.

First Work Day

posted Oct 5, 2009, 6:43 PM by Greg Miller

After a great breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits (and cleanup afterwards), we head south with our crew leader. Our first stop is at Jackson's home. He lives alone in a small trailer that is showing some signs of wear. Our task today is to install a new hot water heater. Jack and Greg take this job and the rest of the crew head further out to put a new floor in the home of Russel and his son.

After supper, we visited the craft store where we all bought new T-shirts.


Scraping and doing the dishes. We swept the dining hall, also. Everybody takes a turn.

Hot coffee is always available 24x7. Notice the resourceful way of catching spilled coffee.

Jack rerouting the hot water line at Jackson's home, in preparation for the new hot water heater installation.

Whoops - almost forgot. Jackson's front door needed new glass. So we took out the window frame, put a temporary piece of fiberglass in its place, and will return with the fixed window tomorrow.

After just an hour or so, Jack and Greg had the new water heater installed, plugged in, and working. And no leaks the first time!

Bye, Jackson. See you tomorrow!

Now on to Russel's home, where some of the floorboard was rotten and needed to be pulled out.

Many hands make light work - even demolition.

Putting in the new floor joists.

Vicky's broom was a little short!

Jack and our crew leader John admire the new floor. Tomorrow we'll put down the new linoleum.

Ray and Brenda help Myron pick off the beggar ticks.

Our Assigned Tasks

posted Oct 5, 2009, 2:57 AM by Greg Miller

We've learned that we have two projects on our list for this week:

1) Upgrade the plumbing in one home. Sounds like that involves a new water header and maybe a new toilet.

2) Rebuild a bedroom floor in another. Don't know any more details than that yet.

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