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The Word on Being a Leader

True leadership means getting your feet wet. 

When Christ wrapped Himself with a towel and began to wash the disciples' feet, He demonstrated that the gospel requires a type of leadership that goes beyond power or popularity. It means having enough courage to do the dirty work that no one else wants to do - such as staying after meetings to help stack chairs or spending time with people who aren't very popular.

The Word on Being a Leader, Serving Others and Sharing Your Faith encourages young people to go from accepting the gospel to living it. You'll learn the nuts and bolts of sharing your faith through a life of ministry and service.

The Word on Being a Leader, Serving Others and Sharing Your Faith has been developed for high school youth by Jim Burns, one of today's most acclaimed youth leaders. This high-involvement youth Bible study has been field-tested in the crucible of his own youth ministry. It's certain to strike a nerve, the right nerve, with youth.

Session 1: Congratulations, You're Gifted
Session 2: Becoming Others-Centered
Session 3: Serving the Poor and Oppressed
Session 4: Servant Leaders
Session 5: Getting Your Priorities Straight
Session 6: Heroic Leadership
Session 7: Integrity
Session 8: Friendship: A Priceless Gift
Session 9: The Great Commission
Session 10: The Power of Affirmation and Encouragement
Session 11: Sharing the Good News
Session 12: Witnessing Skills

Led by Jody Seward